It Is Christmas!!! #Pennells #gardencentre #cleethorpes #decorations #christmas #localblogger #lincolnshire

One of my guilty pleasures is going around the different garden centres in my local area and looking at the displays of Christmas decorations.  I thought I would do some posts on my personal favourites.   Pennells garden centre in Cleethorpes is one and luckily only a few minutes in the car away from my home. Pennells, Cleethorpes  They really have pushed the boat, or should I say sleigh, out this year and have moved the display from the area of previous years and into the back section of the centre. It is very shiny and glittery, which I love.  This year they also have the moveable singing reindeers which can not help but raise a smile. Even in the worse Grinches amongst us.

Now so far this year they had the most decorations that I myself would buy and I could not believe it when they have a whole section on leopard print sequin decorations!!! Yes!!! Did you read one of my latest posts on being slightly obsessed with #leopardprint…

The Steel Rooms, Brigg #hiddengems #lincolnshire #steelrooms #brigg #cafe #gallery #art

In the small market town of   Brigg in Lincolnshire,  there is a small gem of

On entrance to the Steel Rooms there is a small shop, selling cards, gifts and picture framing.  The shop opens into a large coffee shop, serving drinks, snacks and lunches at reasonable prices, offering vegetarian and gluten free options.

Up the stairs there is a gallery and art area where many art exhibitions and classes take place.  Finally there is another store at the top serving more home ware items.

It is a lovely little store and are open, as of writing, Monday to Saturday 9am-4.30pm   If you are making a special journey then please check opening times beforehand. Telephone number can be found on their website from the link above.

I love finding these little hidden gems in Lincolnshire.  Do you know of any near where you live?
Sometimes I find I just go to the same shops and the same places and sometimes I have to remind…

If Banksy did Pantomimes, 2016 memory!! #pantomime #pantoinhull #cinderella #entertainmentblogger #theatre

This is an updated review of a Pantomime I attended in 2016.  One I will never forget!!!
On the coldest night of 2016 Pirate Mick, myself and a friend headed on a road trip across the river to Hull.  We were joining other friends from our '' Cats Pyjamas' burlesque family to watch our annual pantomime! I adore pantomimes and have since I was a little girl.  Pantomimes for me are as part of Christmas as a turkey and Santa. 
Usually we went local but this particular year we all decided to try a different venue and headed to Hull's Light stream Stadium the 'Queens Theatre'.   Never heard of the theatre but it was when Hull was updating the Hull New Theatre so other places were being used.  It was to see Linda Lusardi in Cinderella, one of the most magical, in my opinion, pantomimes!  I could not wait!!
The poster looked good.  I love the Grumbleweeds from listening to them on Radio two's comedy hour, obviously adore Zippy and George, who I grew up watching fr…

A little touch of fabulousness!! #smile #sparkle #feelingposititve #beyou #ownit #youarefabulous

If you are feeling a little low, and let's face it we all do sometimes, then how can you get the sparkle back?  I often find to try to do something that makes you smile.

A little touch of something that makes you feel special actually goes a long way! It could be a touch of red lipstick, or a favourite colour polish on your nails.  Do you remember Liza Minnelli's character Sally Bowles in Cabaret when she talks about her long green nails?  

            "I don't think people should have to explain anything. For example, if I should paint my fingernails green,  And it just so happens I do paint them green, Well, if anyone should ask me why, I say I think it's pretty!". - Sally Bowles, 'Cabaret'

She thinks it is pretty so to hell with the opinion of others!

When I was at college and university I would only wear red lipstick.  No other colour would do and I remember one particular day heading into town to buy a red lipstick from Woolworths as I had left my others…

That's all folks for 2019 Tour #lavoix #lavoixtheshow #2019 #2020 #tour #dates

Well that's all folks! , well for La Voix's 2019 tour 'Live, Loud and Fabulous' it is.  Finishing on Saturday night in Leicester, going out as it started with people raving over the performance of La Voix and loving every second of the 'Live, Loud and Fabulous' show.
Through out this year I have reviewed the show at various venues and I can honestly say every single one has been fabulous!
Here are the last couple of posts on this years show

I have absolutely loved attending all that I could and for me it has meant meeting wonderful people, making the most fabulous friendships and watching the best show that I could honestly watch again and again!  It is first class variety entertainment, from the fabulously talented band to La Voix's exquisite crystalled shoes by
I also …

The zombies were having fun, the party had just begun #catspyjamas #burlesque #party #halloween #memories #cleethorpes

Happy Halloween!! Hope you have a good night? Have lots of  fun but please stay safe.
This post was on from a few years ago when my Halloween started with the Cats Pyjamas Burlesque. 'Tales from the strip't'.

I looked through my costume wardrobe and found this long, red vampire/devil dress.  It had long floaty sleeves and a split to above the thigh.  I realised I needed to 'vamp up' some knickers as they could be seen. I sewed red sequins on and a red sequin heart! I wore my red and black underbust corset and finished with Maleficent horns from Asda, who in my opinion, had the best Halloween section.  

The show's prepaid tickets sold like hot pokers!! There were only a few left on the door and that always meant it is going to be a good night!! I was working as maid.  I really enjoy the job, especially as I was working alongside the gorgeous Jessie Belle. We had a good time but, as always, very professional!  Especially setting up the giant purple cat (which I …

It Should Had Been Me!!! #wedding #drag #reginasparkles #hull #dragqueen #weddingcrasher

Hello all!  Hope you are all well and keeping wrapped up and cosy and warm!

I am so lucky to meet the most fabulous of people in my life.  One of them is the wonderful talented Regina Sparkles.  Regina resides in Hull and is a drag queen.  She promotes herself as  'Hull's spectacular 7ft Drag Artiste. with live Vocals, cabaret, musical theatre and a showgirl' She is also an absolutely amazing person to know. 

Recently she has caught the eye of the national media for one of her bookings turned out to be something a little different.  
Regina had been booked to work at a wedding.  Nothing unusual about that, I agree but it was not at the reception, or the evening cabaret, oh no!  This was right as the couple were made man and wife.  Cue the music and cue Regina!!  Watch the video that explains what happens next!! 

Hull Live- Regina Sparkles

Yes she was booked to surprise the groom and the guests to perform 'It should had been me!'  It has been performed before, notably b…